Rub Some Dirt On It

broken elbow

Well, this ends his lacrosse season! He’s got a temporary splint but will get a cast tomorrow.

Last Friday my youngest son, who is 13, got into the car when I went to pick him up from school and announced that he broke his elbow.  He said he was playing with friends and ended up tripping over one of them when they went down in a “chase” type game.  He’d flown through the air and landed on his elbow in the gravel.

I took a good look at it, asked him to move it around and then told him it was just a bruise and that it would be fine.  He seemed to accept that for a while but that afternoon, now and then, as he was going about his business pretty much as usual, he’d pipe up and say “It’s broken.”  I assured him it wasn’t and laughingly told him to rub some dirt on it.  He responded that since I’d never broken anything, I wouldn’t know how it feels.

We went to a Ducks Unlimited event that night…an auction to raise money for our wetlands.  We ate and socialized.  At one point I saw him with my phone researching the WebMD site.  He looked at me and affirmed that his elbow was broken because “even WebMD said so.  When we got home, I told him we’d go get it checked out in the morning since I wanted to prove my point. He bet me a trip to a local hamburger joint that he was right.

The next morning arrived and off we went.  It WAS broken!  Not just a little but one of the bones had a nice sized fracture all the way through it from one side to the other.  Apparently, according to the doctor, the little knobby part had almost broken off completely.  Great!

My son who is very good natured just looked at me and said “You owe me a burger” so off we went.  He ate a burger and fries for lunch.  I ate crow!


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  1. I can’t stop laughing (and certainly NOT at the expense of your son) because I can’t tell you how many moms had to “buy their children burgers” after I x-rayed them. So many of these parents felt guilty. I had to often reassure them they weren’t bad parents and their child would heal up just fine. Kids are incredibly DURABLE! You’re a GOOD MOM!

  2. Ouch…He’s so tall now…Lynn your smile is a killer and gorgeous 😍😍…You are simply sweet and beautiful like sunshine my friend

    1. He’s growing so fast! When we went to the doctor about his elbow, they had to weigh and measure him. He’s almost 6 feet tall…just another half inch.

      You’re sweet! Thank you for that lovely compliment (and the cute little faces). I hope you’re doing well these days. It hasn’t been very wintery around here so I’ve been going on long walks with the dogs in the mornings. It’s really nice.

  3. Sounds painful! Hope he heals soon. Good for him for knowing the outcome of his injury. I’m sure he enjoyed his burger.

    1. He’s a regular Dr. Welby! Ha…that was a character from an old TV show. He’s a little disappointed about losing so much of his lacrosse season but other than that he’s taking it in stride. There’s not much that gets him down.

      Hope your workouts are going well. I have up cookies and chips (my weakness) for a while and I’m suffering! I miss my chips. Oh well, we’ll meet up again in the future!

  4. The old ‘boys will be boys’ injury, eh? Thank goodness he’s only 13, it will heal completely and get back to lacrosse next year. Sorry you had to eat crow for lunch, mom, that never tastes very good!! haha Glad he’s good natured!

    1. Yes, when he looked it up on the internet it said that particular injury is most common among adolescent males. I guess they go flying then smash into the ground quite often! He’s very good natured…stubborn as heck but definitely good natured.

      Hope you’re having a good week so far!

  5. He earned that burger! I hope that he’s feeling better.

    1. He’s remarkably resilient. The break didn’t slow him down at all. He does have a hard time tying his shoes etc. but he manages pretty well and he isn’t in any pain. He’s just disappointed about the lacrosse season. Happy Wednesday!

  6. Get well soon, youngest son! And an excellent T-shirt, Mum!

    1. Thank you! My son is already running around getting in to things. Turns out he might be able to play in the last couple games this season so he’s happy about that.

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