Day Without A Woman

Today is International Women’s Day.  In order to properly celebrate groups across the United States are sponsoring A Day Without A Woman.  The celebration is supposed to involve ladies withdrawing from their regular activities at work and home in order to show the rest of society how important their role is and how they need more appreciation.  Not only aren’t you supposed to go to work you’re not supposed to shop either.  I think they made an exception for shopping at female-owned businesses but obviously, those would likely be closed for the day since the owner should be leaving her usual responsibilities to make a point about how important she is to the proper functioning of society.

Let’s see.  Women are supposed to leave men alone AND not shop?  This sounds like something a man made up doesn’t it?  It’s clearly a trick and the celebrants have been had!  The secret name for A Day Without A Woman is Men’s Freedom Day! 


I can’t believe they fell for it! See ya ladies!

Men are free from henpecking, nagging and whining for a full day. Sounds like party time to me!


She won’t be home for HOURS!

Plus, you know darn well, when those women decide to come back home, their husbands and sons are going to be having a great time lolling about in their sweats, watching action movies with their feet up on the coffee table with pizza boxes and soda cans strewn all about…happy as clams!


Mommy’s gone for a while. We can be ourselves. Hop up on the table and let’s beat the drum!

Seriously ladies, If you’re an American and you think you need to participate in a Day Without A Woman event, may I suggest you need to do some intensive soul searching. If you don’t feel appreciated and you’re not being paid what you should be for the work you do, you’re hanging around the wrong people…and you need to go get yourself a new job.


10 responses

  1. Saying it like it is…I believe we call this REALITY! Glad to see the world of political correctness hasn’t impeded cognitive clarity!! Keep up the good work (and as a punishment for not defending International Women’s Day….20 more ab crunches!) (LOL)

    1. Hi Dr. Jonathan! Happy St. Partick’s Day to you. I will accept the 20 crunches happily. I hope you had a great week!

  2. I like you Lynn! A lot! 🙂 You are so down to earth. Good Bless you hon!

    1. Well, you’re so kind! Thank you! Happy Monday to you. I hope your week is off to a wonderful start. The weather here is very nice (it’s snowing like crazy in some areas of the country). I’ve got a touch of Spring Fever!

  3. A serious point well made!

    1. Thank you! I hope you’re enjoying a nice start to the week. We have Daylight Savings Time so had to set our clocks forward one hour yesterday. You wouldn’t thing it would make much difference but it’s an adjustment!

  4. I prefer to honor women such as yourself, Lynn!! Thank you for your service.

    1. Now that was a lovely compliment. Thank you!

  5. Well said doc, hanging around the wrong men

    1. That’s right. If they’re unappreciated they should choose different people to associate themselves with!

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