PC and Planes

The other day I was thinking about our fabulous Airmen, which led me to thoughts about pilots and planes…and naturally after that my mind turned toward the lovely combination of old planes and pretty women.

As I write the word “Airmen” I’m reminded of the new writing guidelines my son was issued by his college.  They’re no longer allowed to use words in their papers that contain the word “man” or “men.”  For instance you have to write humankind instead of mankind.  You have to write infantryperson instead of infantryman.  If you don’t you’re subject to getting marked down.  I think they call it gender neutral style but it’s so insipidly stupid, I didn’t absorb all the ins and outs of the new PC guidelines.  Suffice it to say I’m not politically correct…and neither is my son.  He says he’ll write exactly what he wants and dare them to do something about it.  He’s big on defending his free speech rights and I certainly wouldn’t want to be the administrator trying to mark him down or punish him for ignoring their freshly minted rules.

According to the new guidelines, I’m supposed to be using the term Airpersons but I”m not.  Sorry, but Airmen, Airmen, Airmen, Airmen, Airmen…

Anyway, in another disapproved of (by the PC brigade) move, I’m going to reflect back on the days when women could say they liked men and even show it with sassy, sweet displays of encouragement.  Thank goodness there are some modern female holdouts.  I found some wonderful photos on the internet and thought I’d share them with you.

Fit women and Flying machines…


(All photos from Google images)


19 responses

  1. I didn’t see a pic of you Lynn 😋

    1. Hi there! No, no pic of me…but I’d love to do a photo shoot like that. I just need a plane, and a photographer…and proper lighting…and a wardrobe assistant…and a makeup artist…

      I like girls with muscle cars too.

      I’ll tell you a secret. The other day I was traveling along the highway and passed a military convoy. I kept thinking that a pin up would look nice on the door of some of those vehicles. Lol…my crazy mind…

  2. Well, that’s put feminism back 50 years! PC is ludicrous over here. No nitty gritty (slave trade), no brainstorming (upsets epileptics) and so on. Such energy would be better spent in campaigning to get better treatment for people who need it. Finally, the stupidest expression that always irritates me is “person of colour”. Absolutely ridiculous and it just pigeon holes people (offensive to birdwatchers and also pigeons)

    1. “offensive to birdwatchers and also pigeons.” That was funny and made me laugh out loud. Isn’t it silly? The entire vocabulary is put under a microscope and examined for the possibility it may offend. I’m glad the PC brigade isn’t at my house. They’d be apoplectic after ten minutes!

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos of the people. The females, I mean fe-persons, looked good, but don’t think I am favoring one gender. Some might think their attire would look good on anyone, regardless of gender. I’m okay, you are okay and Caitlyn Jenner is okay.

    1. Isn’t that the silliest thing? It’s laughable but they’re serious! “fe-persons.” I like that. You get a star for proper PC-ness.

  4. So cool. My oldest flies those down here in LA.

    1. That is SO cool! I took a look at the website. The video is quite moving. I loved it. I think it’s wonderful that your son is involved in flying those fantastic planes.

  5. How simple life was in the day of the pin-up gal. LOL!

    1. pin up person! Lol….

      I really love the old time pin up genre…very sassy in a pretty and appealing way.

      Glad you stopped by. I hope your workouts are going well these days. I’ve been doing a new rotation the last three weeks with some increased cardio. I want to be nice and tight for the summer and I find I need to work a little harder the older I get.

      1. Right! Pin up person. 😂
        My workouts are still going. Thanks for asking. I can’t wait to get outside now that it is getting warmer.
        I hear that! I have to work for it too, and really hone in on my eating.

  6. That’s my girl!! You show them!! And thank your son for me. I am so tired of the PC’s taking away my free speech and doing their hardest to erase all of American history!

    1. I’ll definitely tell him. He’ll be back for the summer at the end of the week. I’ll be glad to have him home for a while. He’s got a summer job lined up and will probably take some core classes at the community college here. He likes to do that since the units are so much less expensive than they are at the university. He’s a penny pincher, which I heartily approve of.

      1. You raised him well!

  7. I adore WWII nose art. Just amazing. The world has gone to PC and needs to lighten up. Now, if I may suggest a future post. I think it’s high time for Dr. Lynn to pose in front of one of these beautiful aircraft. 😍 Maybe in time for the July 4th celebration. 🙂

    1. I would love to pose with a plane. How fun would that be? That’s the kind of thing that’s right up my alley.

      You know, I love ladies posing with American muscle cars too and always wanted to do a photo with a cool, old Mustang, Corvette or GT. The closest I got was a VERY silly pic with my dad’s Toyota Supra. Not at all the same but it was the best I could do with what I had. It totally violated the spirit of the genre Lol….

      1. I love Barracudas, along with the cars you’ve mentioned. You have to do it, Lynn! There are always shows that travel with WW2 era aircraft. Also, now that you’ve mentioned it, I must see Toyota Lynn!! 😍

  8. I’m with you; political correctness now exceeds courteous and respectful language and has extended its reach into the absurd. We are a country that preaches and defends free speech as long as we don’t practice it! Until our audiologists correct this “hearing impairment” and our neurologists determine where the cerebral dysfunction is located, the inability to LISTEN and LEARN using an OPEN MIND will remain a serious problem.

    Thank you for sharing the pics. They were a nice blend of yesterday and today.

    1. Pin up girl is now Pin up person. Ha, ha…

      I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. I thought they were quite well done and had a fun spirit.

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