Eye Of The Beholder

One day, not too long ago, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few items.  As I got out of the car I spotted a woman with beautiful, long hair wearing a tank top going in ahead of me.  She had an amazing physique.  Her shoulders, triceps and traps were beautifully shaped…muscular and lovely.  I immediately started considering my own workouts lately.  I started regretted not lifting heavier, with more emphasis on muscle building.  My back has always been my favorite and most responsive body part to train and although I still lift diligently, I’ve not been pushing the very heavy stuff around for quite a while.  Most of the time I’m pretty satisfied with the balance I’ve been able to strike.  Although I’m not lifting super heavy I’ve still been able to maintain a little muscle mass and my joints are much happier than they used to be.

…But that woman!  Seeing her sparked that old competitive spirit that lurks inside.  I was comparing her physique to my own (both the new and the old) and watching her so intently, I wondered if she could feel me from across the parking lot.

As she turned inside the store to grab a cart, I was jolted out of my musings.  She was a HE!  The woman I’d been watching from behind was actually a man with long hair!  I had to laugh.  For years, I’ve had relatives telling me that my view of an ideal female body is skewed.  I like more muscle than they do by far.  I suppose this is one story I’ll keep to myself at family gatherings!


Wow…that v-taper, those shoulders, the triceps!   She sure looks great from behind!



10 responses

  1. Beautiful bodies are simply worth admiring. Whether male or female; muscular or toned, the work and commitment involved produces magnificent results. You have done extremely well for yourself. You should be proud knowing all your hard work has paid off. The trick now is to maintain your commitment straight through the centenarian mark!

    1. You’re right. I enjoy seeing beautiful male and female physiques. Thank you for the lovely compliment. Now I better go do some shoulder presses!

  2. I’m a soccer fan, and yesterday on TV, there was a film of what I thought was the 2014 European Cup Final. Well it was in a way, but at the end, they announced that it was the Women’s Final. I haven’t told anybody about that either.

    1. Ha…we’re in the same boat! It’s funny and jarring when you first realize you’ve made that kind of mistake.

  3. Been there, done that! Thankfully, it’s never happened when I was at a club. I don’t think that I could handle asking a dude to dance by accident. 😉

    1. I’ve seen some men who really, really, really look like beautiful women. In Thailand they have Lady Boys who amaze me. It’s a shame…they look far better than most women! It would be easy to make that mistake.

      1. As long as I noticed prior to getting up on the dance floor. 😉

  4. I can relate. I think a lot of people can, especially back when men wearing their hair long was “in”. I kept thinking – oops, I’m glad I didn’t say anything!! Like you, I just nodded and walked away.
    I promise not to tell your family anything about this!

  5. I hate when I have that “dude looks like a lady” moment. But it is better than the ‘lady looks like a dude.”

    I was at the bank the other day when the lady in front of me must have been 6-5. A full door taller than me with 6 inch heels and a 4 inch mini skirt. From the back, she was full woman and when she turned around she was all man.

    I just nodded when we made eye contact.

    1. Those moments take you aback for a second. I laughed out loud when I saw that the woman I’d been admiring was a man. Not only was I staring, then I started giggling. I’m lucky they didn’t bring out the men with the butterfly nets to get me!

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