Wait…What’s my count?


…And that about explains my current condition!  I think my face looked just like that when I was halfway through my morning walk with the dogs and I realized that I didn’t have my Fitbit on.  Until that moment, I hadn’t realized how much I’ve come to enjoy seeing my step count at the end of each day.  I often challenge myself to see if I can go farther each week, or how high I can get the count in a single day or hour.  It’s another great way to motivate me to stretch beyond my previous boundaries.  I just can’t forget to strap it on at the start of the day!


My favorite walking companions. We get lots of steps in together!



11 responses

  1. Nobody has mentioned the dogs yet. I think they are really cute!

    1. Thank you! They are my favorite exercise companions. They always have so much energy and are happy to keep me company when I go out walking.

  2. But … why walk when you can run?

    1. Ha…I CAN’T run. It makes me sweaty and hot. Clearly it’s dangerous and very bad for my health.

  3. The V Pub sure understands and I can relate!!

    1. I’m so silly but I try to keep the fitbit by my bed so I can put it on first thing upon awakening. I try to get credit for every step, even those around my house. It makes a difference in how quickly you can

    2. Whoops….how quickly you get special awards called badges. Ha, ha…I’m a Fitbit addict!

      1. Nothing wrong with that, Lynn!!

  4. I know that when I forget to strap on my wristwatch, I’m forever staring at an empty wrist all day.

    1. Yes…it’s so easy to get used to having it right there. I like that you wear a watch. Not a lot of people do especially teens and people in their twenties. They just use their cell phones. I wear a watch too…along with my Fitbit (which tells the time too). It’s kinda weird but I didn’t want to give up my “real” watch.

      1. I like wearing a watch, and I find it a lot easier and quicker to find out what time it is. Besides, I’m really trying to cut the cord to having my phone with me all of the time. Baby steps. 🙂

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