Commando Man – A Wish Come True

When you’re active on the internet, whether it’s blogging or posting on social media sites, you never know where your photos or writing will turn up.  People re-post things they find all the time so you have to be comfortable knowing your content will spread in  interesting and unusual ways.

I got all excited last weekend because as I was playing around on my Ipad I saw that one of my images was in the tattoo gallery at a place called the Tattoo Hut.  It was in a spot titled “List of Top Men Commando Tattoo Images.”  Now, I have to admit something that I have kept to myself until now.  I’ve always wanted to be a tattoo…or rather, I wanted someone to use one of my images as inspiration for a tattoo.  That might sound strange but it happens all the time.  People find ideas for new ink all over.  My interest in that type of tattoo is simply an extension of my love for the pin up genre.  True, the images people pick are often of celebrity women but there are lots of tattoos based on regular women too.



Some are cartoon-y, some are more realistic, some are funny…and I love them all!  So I was looking forward to seeing what was in the tattoo gallery that had to do with a commando and me.

There were a total of 28 photos in the “List of Top Men Tattoo Images.”  Under the title heading was the line, exactly as written, “Here is the top Men Commando images we have.”  Because of the grammar on the site, I suspect it’s run by a non-native English speaker.  I was number 13 in the gallery.  The following are some of the other photos in the gallery with their captions.


#2 Royal Marine Commando Dagger Tattoo First Forces…


#16 Buff Royal Marines strip off in go commando charity calendar…


#5 Mike Kagee fashion blog David McIntosh is a Royal Commando turned…


#3 QOR Para Coy Tattoo


#6 on the list



Now for my photo – happy number 13 on the list.


#13 Guys commando in sweats. Lady or the guy

Did you read the caption?  Did you?  That’s right.  They weren’t sure if I was a actually a woman or a man going commando in sweatpants.

No!  No! No, wish granters of the universe.  It wasn’t supposed to be me going commando, looking like a man, in a tattoo gallery.  It was supposed to be me as a tattoo on a “commando” (military/patriotic) man from America.  The basic elements were right but they were all mixed up.

I learned a valuable lesson over the weekend and I’m passing my newfound wisdom on to you.

You better be very, very specific when you wish for things!

**This post is not intended to slight the Royal Marine commandos in any way.  The very few Royal Marines I’ve had contact with were lovely but everybody knows I absolutely adore our American military men…

–Tune in tomorrow for the next installment in the Commando Man series —



21 responses

    1. Delighted that you stopped by. I went to your blog and I see that you, like me, love pin ups…and iron. Glad GP made the introduction.

      1. Thank you- it was a pleasure checking out your blog !!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work !

  1. Love the tattoo and i have the perfect Marine to send this post to!!! Muscleheaded is by far the number one in pin-ups!!

    1. GP — wow- this is a great post… thanks for steering me this way ! 🙂

      1. Lynn is great – you’ll like all her posts!!

      2. She seems like a terrific person and very motivated – I’m looking forward to reading more !

  2. I’d love to have you as a tattoo, Lynn. 😀 But, truth be told, I hate needles, so the thought of sitting there with a thousand insertion points freaks me out. But, as I’ve said in the past, I’d love to have one of your photos airbrushed on my guitar or my guitar strap.

    1. I would love that. I know how much music is intertwined with your life which would make it a special honor.

      I hope you’re enjoying these hot summer days. I’ve been getting out early in the morning because although I love summer, I don’t like to exercise outside when it’s hot. It’s so pleasant at 6:30am before most people are out and about! Quiet, cool and peaceful…

      1. I’m surfing the net now trying to find a decent artist. May I peruse your blog for a photo that would fit on the strap?

      2. Oh sure! Please take anything that appeals to you. Feel free to change the image to your liking. Maybe you want her in a different position or holding something meaningful to you. Perhaps you might want to meld elements of a couple together. A lot of my recent photos are on this blog but there are earlier ones at the bodybuilding site

      3. Thanks, Lynn! I’m looking for something not too busy in the background, so it’s less of a contrast when airbrushed on the strap or guitar. I hope that you don’t mind me taking creative license with your photo(s). I love nose art and Vargas and would love that on the strap.

      4. Please DO take license with whatever you find. Make it your own. That’s what makes it so fun. Change or modify or add to whatever you like.

      5. I appreciate that very much, Lynn. I’ll be sure to get your approval before I have it done.

      6. Please say no if this would be a hassle, but could you send me this years 4th of July photo without the added graphics?

      7. No problem at all. I’m out right now but will do it when I get home.

      8. Your gallery is amazing! 😍

      9. You know, even the idea that you might want to use one of my photos as a base is very exciting…thanks for this big smile!

      10. I’m excited about it, too, Lynn. I think you’ll look great on it!!

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