Commando Man – Part two


As you know from my post yesterday, I spent some time this weekend playing around on the internet.  I found my photo in a tattoo gallery and the caption writer was questioning whether I was a man going commando or a woman.  Apparently, it’s hard for some people to tell because I found another photo of mine posted on a different website.  The photo happened to be one of my favorites.  I was number 13 in the gallery titled, “21 American Flag Bikinis To Celebrate.”  The caption on the photo was quite nice…”Showing off the strength of America.”  What I really got a kick out of was the comment section.




The last comment, that’s cut off in the screenshot was something like “What’s up with that dude?”  It seems the consensus was that I look like a man who maybe looks like Michelle Obama or something like that.  Was I upset?  Not at all.  I LOVE it.  I felt the same way I did when a lady asked me if I did manual labor for a living because my arms were so muscular.  I was amused…almost giddy with delight because it means my hard work is visible in the photo.  I know the aesthetic I prefer isn’t for everyone and it makes me happy to think that someone noticed the results of my dedication enough to call me “gross” or a “man.”  What’s the old expression?


That’s right!  I must be over the target.  BRING. IT. ON.  The only bad part is that now I’m all revved up and wanting to pack more of that beautiful muscle on my frame.  My workouts have been incredible the last few days and consequently, my entire body is sore.  So sore.  If you see me hobbling down the street, I might not be able to raise my arm to wave to you but I know you’ll understand if I just smile!



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  1. I’m sorry, what?? I think those people are just jealous. You don’t make those comments unless you’re insecure within yourself. I think you look great and are inspirational!

    1. Hi! I just signed in here after a little hiatus and saw your kind note. Thank you so much for the sunshine. I’m glad you stopped by and really appreciate the lovely comment! Wishing you a happy, fun weekend.

  2. I always find people and their perspectives interesting. Those who exercise (in general) don’t do so for OTHERS. They do so for THEMSELVES. 99+% of those offering negative comments do so (frequently) to justify their own inadequate treatment and behavior toward themselves.
    It is the person that does what is necessary to create a CHOSEN LIFESTYLE filled with passion, purpose and joy that has the last laugh.
    Although comments may sting a little because we’re HUMAN; reflection on personal goals, accomplishments and even failures ultimately define who we really are!

  3. Well, if I was going to get a tat this would work.

    1. Yes…a tattoo! Lol. I’ve seen some amazing tattoo artists’ creations. I’ve also seen some that haven’t been so great. I suppose it’s critical that you get a good artist to do the work. If you look up bad tattoos on the internet, you’ll get a good laugh. I know it may not be nice to do that but, oh my goodness, I was in gales of laughter seeing some of those “bad” tattoos.”

  4. I’m just gonna say it…girl you are as fine as frog hair! 🙂

    1. I like that expression…made me smile. Thank you for the sweet compliment. Hope you’re doing well these days. I can’t believe the “summer” is almost over. The kids are back to school mid-August! Sure went fast…

      1. I’ve been following you since my deployment in 2011…you are steady as a rock! Don’t know if it will happen, but one day I’d love to meet you in person. Three more years in the “work force” and it will be time to put the old man out to pasture. Got a lot of items on the bucket list. Caio!

      2. Yes…the bucket list! I have one but you know, it’s so short. I have many things I’d like to do but only a couple that I REALLY, REALLY want to do. At first I thought that must mean I’m a very boring person but then I decided that I’m just generally pretty satisfied and I’ve been lucky to have had parents who took me lots of great places as a child. Nevertheless, I’m thinking about new things to put on the list. I know I want to hike the Appalachian Trail. I want to take my youngest son to the Pearl Harbor Memorial and I’d like to go to Israel but I think I should come up with a few more fun things.

        You know, I think the pasture is going to be quite nice!

  5. You’re so right – don’t let the mental midgets get you down — that pic is an 11 !!!

  6. I think most men like a woman with muscles. The type we are supposed to like but don’t, are the stick thin women who look like little girls. So many models are like that. Arguably, they are the ones that look like young men.

    1. I wasn’t a bit upset when I read that. I was happy because I work hard in the gym for those muscles and always wonder if my body shows it. I’ve felt quite motivated since running into that site. You have a good point about the women with no curves just skin over bones. I suppose they could be considered closer to a young man’s physique. I never thought about it that way, but I see what you’re saying.

      Wishing you a great afternoon!

  7. Empowering! The day someone says my arms look like a man I’m having a big party to celebrate! 😂

    1. Yes! You have a party and I’m coming. It was empowering. I have been a workout beast since I read those comment. Talk about motivation! I hope you’re having great workouts too. Glad you stopped by!

      1. Let’s call it “the we aren’t really men but we don’t mind if you call us manly” party! 😘 💪💪

  8. Robert (TopDawg10) | Reply

    Looking amazing Lynn. Forget the haters. You’re right on target. 😉 Got your six. – TopDawg10

    1. Aw…thank you! I tell you what…those comments amused me but they also motivated me like crazy. My workouts have been amazing since I read them. I want those muscles popping! Hope you’re doing well and that your workouts have been just fierce. I always think about you on leg day!

  9. You know I don’t take kindly to those who speak rudely about my family Lynn. I wonder what their facial expressions would be like when I knock on their door and introduce myself as the big brother of the commando dude. I have such a hard time with ignorant and disrespectful people. You look wonderful as always

    1. You’re the best! I always wanted a big brother. I had a cute, younger sister so I was always the one doing the protecting. I wasn’t upset by that at all. It had the opposite effect. I was all geeked up and it’s fueled my workouts lately. I want more of that pretty muscle back. When I changed my workouts, I lost a bit and thought that was OK. Now I’m motivated to get it back! Yeah…oppositional as always! Hope you’re having great days!

  10. They are either blind or simply jerks. Maybe both. I think that that photo is evocative of female power and sexy. My only issue with your photos is that there isn’t enough of them. 🙂

    1. You’re very sweet! I laughed when I read those comments and it gave me something to write about. I was never able to get as muscular as I wanted to. Even at my pinnacle, I was not on the same playing field as the fitness or figure competitors, let alone the natural bodybuilders. I had to work so hard for every ounce of muscle I had so the comments seemed like acknowledgment of all my hard work.

      1. It’s just mindless cruelty by some keyboard jockeys who are jealous. I know that your figure isn’t by accident, and that you strive for excellence. Keep going Lynn and don’t let them get you down.

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