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Birthday Thoughts

My official  51st birthday photo.   I actually do have some muscle in my legs BUT you just can't see it here...I swear!

My official 51st birthday photo. I actually do have some muscle in my legs BUT you just can’t see it here…I swear!

Here I am celebrating my 51st birthday, happy to be healthy and so enjoying my family and friends. I think a lot about my good fortune. I’m still here when so many other kind, brave and wise people have had to leave life so early. I’m always pushing to make myself better with the realization that these days are a gift and I fully intend to use them well. I’ve said it before and will say it again, I want to be proud of myself when I die. That’s the stick I measure myself with. I always fall short BUT I’m always pushing to be better and I do give myself gold stars for each little thing I’m able to improve.

Later, when someone asks me what I remember about my birthday this year, I will tell them about my gratitude for more days, about my delight in being here to raise my children and also about how awful it feels to be waiting for the President of the United States to willfully rip up our Constitution as he has threatened to do. He has made it clear, yet again, that he’s only interested in enforcing laws he agrees with. When it comes to our immigration law, the will of the people be damned. He believes he knows better and will use his executive powers to thwart the laws that are on the books. I find it distressing.

Please understand, it doesn’t matter if you agree with the outcome of his action or not. His promise to circumvent Congress like this is a disgusting display. It sets a dangerous precedent going forward which is why even if you like the result of what he’s about to do you should object to the method most strenuously. It’s a matter of power gone wild, political hubris in the extreme and those who are applauding his actions are incredibly misguided. Rest assured, if this does happen, it will happen again in the future with some other issue. When another President gets tired of waiting for Congress to fix something he thinks is broken he will use this as benchmark for his own actions. Once a course like this is taken successfully, it’s impossible to see that it doesn’t happen again. It’s an unforgivable breach of public trust, of the Presidential Oath of Office, and it’s extremely dangerous to this nation’s successful future.

It’s times like this, I feel compelled to recommit to efforts to keep myself strong in body, mind and spirit. I’m still here which means I can still do good work. I still have the opportunity to teach and guide my children and I still have something to contribute to the public debate over issues of freedom, liberty and proper conduct in this beautiful country of ours.

See...you can kinda see some hamstring here...Happy Birthday to me!!

See…you can kinda see some hamstring here…Happy Birthday to me!!

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