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Commando Man – A Wish Come True

When you’re active on the internet, whether it’s blogging or posting on social media sites, you never know where your photos or writing will turn up.  People re-post things they find all the time so you have to be comfortable knowing your content will spread in  interesting and unusual ways.

I got all excited last weekend because as I was playing around on my Ipad I saw that one of my images was in the tattoo gallery at a place called the Tattoo Hut.  It was in a spot titled “List of Top Men Commando Tattoo Images.”  Now, I have to admit something that I have kept to myself until now.  I’ve always wanted to be a tattoo…or rather, I wanted someone to use one of my images as inspiration for a tattoo.  That might sound strange but it happens all the time.  People find ideas for new ink all over.  My interest in that type of tattoo is simply an extension of my love for the pin up genre.  True, the images people pick are often of celebrity women but there are lots of tattoos based on regular women too.



Some are cartoon-y, some are more realistic, some are funny…and I love them all!  So I was looking forward to seeing what was in the tattoo gallery that had to do with a commando and me.

There were a total of 28 photos in the “List of Top Men Tattoo Images.”  Under the title heading was the line, exactly as written, “Here is the top Men Commando images we have.”  Because of the grammar on the site, I suspect it’s run by a non-native English speaker.  I was number 13 in the gallery.  The following are some of the other photos in the gallery with their captions.


#2 Royal Marine Commando Dagger Tattoo First Forces…


#16 Buff Royal Marines strip off in go commando charity calendar…


#5 Mike Kagee fashion blog David McIntosh is a Royal Commando turned…


#3 QOR Para Coy Tattoo


#6 on the list



Now for my photo – happy number 13 on the list.


#13 Guys commando in sweats. Lady or the guy

Did you read the caption?  Did you?  That’s right.  They weren’t sure if I was a actually a woman or a man going commando in sweatpants.

No!  No! No, wish granters of the universe.  It wasn’t supposed to be me going commando, looking like a man, in a tattoo gallery.  It was supposed to be me as a tattoo on a “commando” (military/patriotic) man from America.  The basic elements were right but they were all mixed up.

I learned a valuable lesson over the weekend and I’m passing my newfound wisdom on to you.

You better be very, very specific when you wish for things!

**This post is not intended to slight the Royal Marine commandos in any way.  The very few Royal Marines I’ve had contact with were lovely but everybody knows I absolutely adore our American military men…

–Tune in tomorrow for the next installment in the Commando Man series —


Active Duty? Veteran? Read this…


I have a present for you!

Valentine’s Day is right over the horizon and I have a coin for you!  Romantic love is a fun thing to celebrate but extending a bit of love and gratitude a little more widely is too. 

Some of you may know that I keep challenge coins in my purse for those occasions when I run into a member of our military and want to have a little something to give them as a token of appreciation.  The coins I have traditionally given are from a company called Grateful American Coin.  They’re a perfect (and pretty) token of appreciation that any civilian can give our service members. 

A while ago, I was given a challenge coin of my own.  Naturally, I was THRILLED and that coin is one of my favorite treasures.  It reminded me how meaningful those small things can be, if the spirit behind them is understood. Right then and there I decided to order more coins of my own to hand out since I only had a couple left.

Somewhere along the way, I discovered that I could create a personalized coin to give, which with my propensity to be a bit of a ham, appealed to me greatly.  I did so and I really like the way it came out.  It’s a combination of humor and a sincere “thank you.”  The artwork on it was created by a wonderful graphic artist who used one of my military tribute photos on a bodybuilding site as inspiration for the adorable, curvy, patriotic, little lady that I used on the coin. 


You’ll have to get one to see what it looks like…

I know there are veterans and active duty folks who read this blog and I’d be delighted to be able to give you one of the coins.  After all, if you put up with me on this blog, you’re likely to understand both the humor and sincerity inherent in the design. Your work in the military means so much to all of us civilians and I’d be delighted to be able to give you a small representation of that appreciation.


Even if you have an awesome coin like this, you probably don’t have one as rare as the one I have for you! There are just a few of them in the world…

Send me an email at words4warriors1@gmail.com.  Give me a name, address and branch of service and I’ll pop the coin in the mail!  Don’t worry, I value your privacy so once the coin is sent I’ll delete your info…it’s just that I have no other way to get the coin to you.

The coins are limited in number so please don’t wait too long to let me know you want one.  I’ll send them until I run out….  

If you’re active duty military or a veteran, It would truly make me happy for you to have one!


Memorial Day – 2014


When I was a child, we used to drive by the rows and rows of white headstones that cover the landscape at the Golden Gate National Cemetery. Even when I was very young, the sight gave me pause. I don’t remember now, if I prayed for those buried there but I know I thought about them long after the headstones were tiny specks in the distance. I always wanted to visit, I wanted to walk up and down the rows and read the inscriptions on the stones. I asked to stop many times but my parents didn’t take my requests seriously and I never got the chance. I surmise they thought it would be upsetting to me but I never felt that way. I simply wanted to walk there, to feel the atmosphere, to think inside the quiet blanket that surrounded the place. In my own way, I wanted to “talk” to the men who were buried there.

These days I think a lot about those who served and who are currently serving. I think about our fallen and I pray for them and the families/friends they leave behind. I think about how to conduct myself to best honor their service, their sacrifice and to show my gratitude in a concrete way.

On March 2nd 2012, I wrote the following

“This very day, this very hour someone is engaged in a life or death struggle on your behalf. Do not forget to be grateful and by extension show that gratitude by living so that your life is worth the price paid to protect it.”

That’s what I try to do each and every day. I try to make good use of the time I have. That’s because each day I’m given to do my work here is a gift paid for by somebody else.

Enjoy your time, hug your friends, hold your family close…be kind to each other…




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