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How Do I Love Thee?

“I may not love you perfectly but you are perfectly loved.”


When I was a teenager, I remember being annoyed with my dad.  I thought he should acknowledge my accomplishments more than he did.  He wasn’t one for giving compliments and I found myself pouting over that issue more than once.  I wanted him to give me verbal praise for things.  I wanted him to tell me he was happy with my performance on the track, or on the balance beam or that he loved the character development I achieved in the school play, but that just wasn’t his way and it made me mad.

It made me mad until I had a realization one day.  I figured out that it wasn’t my dad who had the problem, it was me!  My father showed me each and every day that he loved me and he let me know that in ways small and large. He often made little folded airplanes for me out of matchbook covers because they amused me.  When he had a bag of pecans, he’d patiently crack open and clean one nut for me each time he cracked one for himself and he ate my Lima beans without telling my mom because he knew I hated them. He worked tirelessly and without complaint so that my sister and I had the material things we needed (and some we didn’t but just wanted). A huge chunk of his paycheck went to the Hamlin School for Girls…an academically challenging, private school in San Francisco.  He let us buy books and magazines whenever we wanted.  He never said “No” to reading material, be it comic books or my very own encyclopedia set (which I enjoyed immensely especially on rainy weekends).  I had tap dancing lessons, ballet lessons, horseback riding lessons, tennis lessons and swimming lessons. My dad took the family everywhere he traveled because he wanted us to experience other places, people and cultures.  In other words, he was a great dad but I chose to focus on the one thing he didn’t do…give verbal compliments.

2017-06-22 20.03.46

My dad and I. I think I was about 4 in this photo.

Once I gained the insight to look at the whole picture and to take what he gave me with gratitude, I was a much happier girl.  It changed our relationship for the better since I was no longer childishly demanding he do something entirely foreign to his nature.  I opened my own heart and suddenly, I could see what I should have all along…that I was always loved and always appreciated whether he gave words to it or not.

It’s a lesson I’ve carried through all the rest of my life.  People love you in the way that’s most natural to them.  It’s a waste of time to fret over the things they don’t do (like bring you flowers) if can see that they show you appreciation in other ways (like happily fixing your car when it’s broken).  Sometimes you can make your own happiness by simply adjusting your own perspective. 

*One year, my dad started going to McDonald’s constantly.  He hated the food there but ordered his Happy Meal and dutifully ate the thing several times a week.  One day my older son who was about 3 at the time said “Grandpa sure does love McDonalds.”  I smiled and said “No, he sure does love YOU.”  He was going to McDonald’s and ordering Happy Meals in order to collect the toys included in meal.  He was on a quest to get each and every Teeny Beanie Baby in the collection since he found out his precious grandson liked them.  Now that’s love!

2017-06-22 20.19.43

My dad, my older son (who is now 19) and Matt the dog.



Last year I did a “Celebration of Service” post each Friday.  This year, I’m going to shake things up on this blog a little.  I’m not sure if I’ll end up posting more or less often.  Even though Friday won’t be set aside specifically for military appreciation themes, those posts will always appear, just on a more fluid schedule.

Before we jump full bore into the 2016 blogging year, I’m going to tie up some lose ends from a most wonderful Christmas break.  The boys had quite a bit of time off from school so we packed up and took a trip to be with family across the country.

One of the highlights of the trip, besides getting a chance to hang out with relatives, visiting and eating was stopping by a retirement home for veterans on Christmas Eve.  I’m pleased to say it was very clean, decorated beautifully and we got a very warm welcome when we dropped by.  I delivered a copy of the book I compiled (with the help of my friends) called Words For Warriors.  It was enthusiastically received and I’m happy that I had a token of appreciation to leave there with the residents.


I got to visit a veteran’s retirement home on Christmas Eve and was delighted to leave a copy of Words for Warriors for the residents. The visit was pure pleasure!


Taking a close up look at this Cobra


We woke up to fresh snow one morning…so pretty!


My younger son set to work showing his cousins how to build an outdoor shelter. He’s just getting started in this photo but managed to put together a really great final product. His youngest cousin helped gather materials for the shelter and they worked for a long time making it nice.

2016-01-08 10.33.54

Baking gingerbread cookies with his shelter-building partner…yum!


My son’s sweet, little cousin made cute tree and star cut out cookies. These are some of my son’s creations. He explained that one gingerbread man had taken the heart out of the other gingerbread man’s chest. He wanted red glazing to enhance the effect. His little cousin pretended to be horrified by his cookies but she laughed the whole time!


My beautiful puppies outside playing with one of their Christmas presents. They got some stuffed animals, some bones and some Chicken Noodle soup (Progresso), which they LOVE!

2015-12-28 13.01.35

My older son and cousins playing around…

I hope you’ve had a lovely start to this shiny, new year!

Orange Death

See this nice meal I prepared for my family last night?  Baked, homemade chicken nuggets, green beans, salad and mashed sweet potatoes.  I got the idea for the sweet potatoes from a friend at the gym.  He is an excellent chef and often gives me great ideas for new, healthy and tasty  things to add to my normal dinner rotation…just to keep it fresh.  Do you think I got the thanks that I so richly deserved for presenting my family with this fantastic meal? 

As soon as I set the plates down on the table I was met with a chorus of  “What’s that orange stuff?”  This was accompanied by my oldest son dragging his fork through the pile and declaring that “It looks like some kind of spackle or wallpaper paste.”    I patiently explained that they were mashed sweet potatoes, that they were lucky to have a nutritious meal land in front of them every night and that  it wasn’t at all horrible to have to eat sweet potatoes if it wasn’t Thanksgiving or Christmas day.  

They did eat them…finally…with a bit of grumbling…Something about baby food and orange death.  Hmmmm…think I should tell them that I’m making broccoli soup as part of their dinner tonight?  That’s right.  It’s Green Death Thursday!

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