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Wait…What’s my count?


…And that about explains my current condition!  I think my face looked just like that when I was halfway through my morning walk with the dogs and I realized that I didn’t have my Fitbit on.  Until that moment, I hadn’t realized how much I’ve come to enjoy seeing my step count at the end of each day.  I often challenge myself to see if I can go farther each week, or how high I can get the count in a single day or hour.  It’s another great way to motivate me to stretch beyond my previous boundaries.  I just can’t forget to strap it on at the start of the day!


My favorite walking companions. We get lots of steps in together!



Huskies – My Anti-Fat Weapon!


This meme tickles my funny bone.  I especially love the second panel.  The expression on the dog’s face is priceless!  My husky puppies like to eat too.  Feeding time is one of the highlights of the day.  The other highlight is walking time.  I say walking time but it’s really more like “Hurry-up-woman-surely-you-can-go-faster-than-that” time.  They love to get out and about and I oblige them.  They are big contributors to my anti-fat plan.  We march up and down and up and down the hills by my house each day.  They NEVER run out of energy before I do.  They have boundless enthusiasm and it keeps me moving no matter what.  They are two of the best motivators for cardio I’ve ever had!

This puppy never says "no" to a good, long walk!

He never says “no” to a good, long walk!

They love to walk...rain, shine or on one of our trips to play in the mountain snow!

She loves to walk…rain, shine or on one of our trips to play in the mountain snow!  Nope, she’s not cold.  You have to chase her around to get her to take shelter and as soon as you turn your back, she sneaks back out to sit in a snow pile!

Born To Run


My boys have always wanted a dog and had recently resorted to telling me that if I continued to deny them the opportunity I was going to ruin their childhood.  That’s not what made me finally relent but now that they are older (10 & 16), they’re able to shoulder the responsibilities of pet ownership (under adult supervision, of course).   We now have not one, but two husky puppies at our house.

Huskies are bred to be working dogs.  They like to have a “job.”  They are curious and very energetic.  All the research I did on the breed told me that they need and want A LOT of exercise and that’s where I come in.  It seems I’ve added two cardio partners into my life.  A happy husky is a well exercised husky.  They are born to run….they want to run….they NEED to run.

Did I ever mention I’m not a runner?

What I should say is that I wasn’t a runner until now.  Part of the commitment I had to be willing to make was to see the dogs get proper exercise.  They don’t love the heat so early morning exercise is best for them.  Conveniently, this is when the boys are at school (or in the summer at work/camp etc).  That leaves me.

I’ve accepted the idea and am now actually looking forward to our runs.  Luckily, they are too young to go quite yet so we’ll start with slow walks, then fast walks, then jogs…then jogs with some real running thrown in.  We’ll grow into it together.

The good news is that for the next number of years I’ll have a built-in reason to exercise every day.  While I might be willing to flake on myself once in a while, how could I ever deny my new little favorite, bestest, most adorable, darling babies…..I mean, the puppies, their daily excursion?

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