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Veterans Day – 2017

Good morning America!  It’s Veterans Day which makes it the perfect time to reflect on the fact that the bounty we enjoy in the United States has been won, protected and defended by a few willing, dedicated and selfless citizens for the benefit of all the rest of us.  My wish this November 11th, is that our veterans feel the love, respect and admiration we have for them, today and every other day of the year.

rucksack surprise

May every load you carry rest lightly on your shoulders… Happy Veterans Day!

Marine Corps Birthday – 2017

242 years old and still going strong.  God bless America and God bless our Marines!


I first saw this video yesterday on my friend’s fantastic blog (Pacific Paratrooper) and I wanted to post it here.




Marine Corps Birthday – 2016

Today, November 10th, is the 241st birthday of the Marine Corps…a day worthy of reflection and grand celebration.  We love our Marines!

“Old breed?  New breed?  There’s not a damn bit of difference so long as it’s the Marine breed.” (LtGen Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller)

Happy birthday!


The Bad Maid (#6)


Oh, I love cocktail parties. I have to make SURE the champagne is fit to serve the guests!

This concludes the Bad Maid series of photos.  Wishing you a safe and happy Halloween night.  Be safe and have fun!


The Bad Maid (#3)


“Sure, I can talk. They won’t be home for hours. Did you catch the Soap Opera yesterday?  That Dr. Johnson sure is dreamy.”



I’ve completed week 1 of my new plan by Jim Stoppani.  I’m feeling happy and energized.  At the end of the week, I was quite sore.  I see that as a good thing since it means I’m taxing my body differently than I was before I started the program.  They say “Pain is weakness leaving the body.”  Apparently, I had a lot of weakness that needed to be shown the door.  That’s perfectly fine by me!

I thought I’d take a “before” photo so I could do a side-by-side comparison after week 12.  That way I’ll be able to see how it’s going.


This is where I’m starting. I’m hoping for more muscle and more definition…and more time in the day. Can Jim Stoppani make more time in my day? Nah…but while I’m hoping I might as well add that to the list!

New Plan For The Fall

It’s time for something new!  I’ve been coming up with my own workout programs for 25 years and even though I was tweaking them and rearranging them regularly, the ideas in my head were just feeling stale.  I decided to let someone else do the planning for a change.  I went to Bodybuilding.com and found a free 12 week workout plan that seemed fresh and interesting.  Yesterday, I started Jim Stoppani’s 12 week Shortcut to Size.  Yes, of course, I’m looking for more mass as always.  My body defaults to scrawny very quickly if I’m not careful.  This program relies on periodization.  In this case, it means alternating in micro-cycles between high reps (doing a rest-pause on the last set of each exercise), using lighter weight and low reps (doing drop sets on the last set of each exercise) using heavy weight.

It’s actually refreshing to have a prescribed program like this.  I’ll have to personalize it a little to make it effective.  I often workout at home these days and I don’t have access to a seated calf raise machine, for instance. That’s O.K.  I can figure out the few little kinks while still relying on the program overall.

This program comes with a nutritional guide which I will also customize to fit my tastes.  There are sound, scientific reasons for the amount of sugar (particularly after the workout) he recommends but I don’t like to spike my blood sugar.  I’ll pass on the after workout big blast and cut down on the rest of the sugar a bit too.  Since the program is designed for people between 160lbs and 200lbs I’ll adjust my food intake to reflect my much lower weight.  I’ll just cut the portions in half (or just above half) for now and see how that works.  I’m also not big on supplements.  I’ll take the multi-vitamin and the protein powder but leave the rest of the suggested supps alone.  In this plan, there are no cheat days/meals and as you know, that isn’t the Lynnie plan.  I’ll stick to the guide carefully during the week then allow room for some deviation on the weekends.  I actually like the food he recommends and it’s not far off from what I eat anyway so I don’t expect this part to pose any challenges.


This is what I look like now. Note the muscle loss. Yuck. Oh well, no use complaining. Better get to work! In 12 weeks, we’ll see what I look like.

Since I started today, the end date of the 12 weeks will be close to my birthday.  I always take a birthday photo to document my physique from year to year so we’ll all see if the program produces results.  If I look like a doughy, skinny wreck I’ll put the workout in the circular file and re-tool.  Hopefully, I’ll be pleased with the results!  At the very least, it’s a new adventure in my routine.

This was what I did today (day two of the program)

shortcut to size


The Olympic Games

I thought I’d share a photo I ran across yesterday that made me smile.  I don’t know who to credit it to, but it’s a fantastic shot.


I think I found this photo so pleasing because it combines more than one thing I love and appreciate.  It’s a great melding of of themes…love of country, pride in a job well done, the joy of high calibre competition and a celebration of the pinnacle of physical accomplishment.

I’ve had the chance to sit down and catch a few of the Olympic events which I enjoyed watching immensely.  It doesn’t matter what sport, I find them all entertaining and compelling at the Olympic level.   I’ve watched bits and pieces of track and field events, water polo, equestrian events, volleyball, rowing (my shoulders burned just watching those guys work), wrestling, soccer, open ocean swimming and gymnastics.

Soon, the games will be over but I’m delighted that I got a chance to see the fruits of all the hard work, athletes the world over, put into their respective sports.  I find it energizing and inspiring!

Independence Day – 2016

“Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.” (Louis D. Brandeis)

Let us be courageous in the coming days.  We have a country to save.  In the meantime, I’m wishing you and yours a most wonderful day of celebration.  God bless you and God bless America!patriotic-woman-in-bikini

Throwback Thursday

A photo from 2011…


One of the interesting things about having photos from a few years ago is that I can do a side by side comparison and determine if what I’m doing today is producing reasonable results.   I actually find it very helpful because I can see clearly if my current workout is allowing me to stay in the acceptable zone or if I need to amend my program.

If you never photograph yourself, I suggest you do so.  You don’t have to show anyone. You can keep the photos entirely private but they’re a good comparison tool and can be used for effective self-assessment.


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