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Little, Bitty Goals

Rest assured, there were a ton of little, bitty goals that were met between the following before and after photos!





It helps keep workouts going strong when you set little, bitty goals along the way.  There’s nothing wrong with setting big goals like losing 50lbs or running a marathon or winning a bodybuilding competition but it’s meeting the small goals that really propels you along day to day.  We all like to win so setting yourself up to do so is a smart way to keep yourself motivated.

smart goal setting concept

What do I mean by little, bitty goals?  I mean purposely setting the bar so you’ll be able to reach it with just a little thought and effort.  Perhaps you’ll ask yourself to drink one extra glass of water each day for a week.  Maybe you’ll add one extra set to each of your lifts for a month or go an extra quarter mile on your usual morning jog during football season.

Successfully meeting goals is a habit you can develop.  Reaching little, bitty goals regularly creates a mindset of accomplishment.  You learn how to keep the commitments you make and that sets you up for success with the larger goals you wish to attain.


Practice makes perfect (or at least it gets you close)!


Big Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman - IFBB Mr. Olympia 1998-2005

Ronnie Coleman – IFBB Mr. Olympia 1998-2005

This is one of my favorite gym sayings. Ronnie Coleman hit the nail on the head with just a few words. It’s pretty much a statement about all the things we want to achieve in life. Anything worthwhile takes consistent hard work.

Wanting is just the first step. It’s the easy one. Putting forth concerted effort day after day is what separates those who reach their goals from those who never make it.

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