New Favorite!

I found a new exercise that I absolutely love to do.  I discovered rear delt cable crossovers when I was doing the Jim Stoppani Shortcut to Mass program.  The first time I did them, I knew it was an exercise that was going to stay on my favorites list.  These crossovers (I’ve also heard them called standing cable reverse flys) are effective and fun!


This exercise is perfect for helping you develop those lovely muscles in your back!  Give it a try.  I’ll bet you’ll like them as much as I do.




This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

(Psalm 118:24)


Wishing you and yours a warm and wonderful day!

Excuses Are Easy


Every single day you can come up with excuses not to exercise.  You don’t even  have to work hard at it.  Maybe you stayed up too late the night before or you don’t have enough time (even though you hopped on the couch to watch your favorite TV show) or you have a hitch in your get-along.  Excuses are easy, plentiful and often plausible but you know in your heart that if you take the easy way out, you’re letting yourself down.  Don’t get in the habit of self-sabotaging. The more often you allow yourself to skip a workout, the easier it is to do it the next time.  Instead of throwing in the towel when you’re having an off day, just go a little lighter in the weight room, run a shorter distance at a slower pace or if that still seems like too much…go for a walk.

Remember, doing a little something is far superior to doing nothing.

Cardio? Weight Training? Both!


I like to remind people, especially the ladies who want to tighten their physiques, that eschewing weights is ignoring a really effective tool in that quest.  Doing lots of cardio without lifting definitely has some health benefits and it’s important for overall fitness but it doesn’t actually sculpt your body.  If you do enough cardio, it makes you look like a smaller version of what you looked like when you started.  Weight training adds the pretty curves and lines that make the critical difference in the overall look of your physique.  Working to be slimmer is a good goal and can be accomplished with a concentration on cardio but lifting to add that beautiful muscle in the right places does wonders for your overall look.



(photos from Google)

Veterans Day – 2016

To all our Veterans, 

Today is a day of national recognition for your efforts on behalf of the nation, your brothers in arms, families and friends.  I hope you feel the warmth of a grateful America.  I imagine that for many of you, the pre-planned, yearly celebrations don’t really carry the message so many of us hope to convey.  I can understand that. 

Please know that under the pomp and often sappy messages and memes, there exists a shining chord of deep appreciation.  Be easy on us…your fellow citizens.  We can be clumsy, stumbling and inartful but my wish is that you will accept our sometimes out-of-rhythm efforts in the spirit they are intended.  

It’s cliche and you’ve heard it before, but your service is sincerely valued by so many of us out here.  Although we don’t always know how to express it, we certainly feel it. 

You answered when called and we love you for it.  Thank you.


Marine Corps Birthday – 2016

Today, November 10th, is the 241st birthday of the Marine Corps…a day worthy of reflection and grand celebration.  We love our Marines!

“Old breed?  New breed?  There’s not a damn bit of difference so long as it’s the Marine breed.” (LtGen Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller)

Happy birthday!


God Bless America

I always wished I could sing but alas, that’s not a talent I was gifted with.  I do have a song in my heart for today, election day 2016 and it goes like this…


Painting of George Washington praying at Valley Forge

The Bad Maid (#6)


Oh, I love cocktail parties. I have to make SURE the champagne is fit to serve the guests!

This concludes the Bad Maid series of photos.  Wishing you a safe and happy Halloween night.  Be safe and have fun!


The Bad Maid (#4 and #5)


Important things first. How do I look this morning?


Ironing is SO boring. Good thing I can multi-task. Wait, what’s that awful burning smell?


This morning dawned a little dreary and damp. I was in need of some sunshine so went to my favorite mood enhancer…the weight rack.  A little bit of happy music and some big (65lb) dumbbell rows and I was all fixed up and ready to face the rest of the day!

If you ever find yourself feeling a bit down, overwhelmed by bad news, frustrated or sad try to counteract it with a dose of happy music and vigorous exercise.  It’s a powerful combination.  It’s usually all I need to flip the switch on a better frame of mind. 



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