Throwback Thursday

You know what Throwback Thursday makes me think about?  Ummmm….better get my hindquarters to the gym and workout harder!

Keep going strong, my friends!

Image 26

A photo from 5 or so years ago, I think. The photo is filed under 2013 but that’s when I uploaded it to my computer not when it was taken…



Chef Alex Curtis Presents…


Alex Curtis is a fellow fitness blogger.  I always look forward to his posts, particularly those involving my favorite thing…FOOD!  He recently posted a recipe for protein donuts using one of my favorite go-to breakfast foods, Kodiak Cakes.  He passed along a way to use the pancake mix to make a great treat!  If you like the way the following recipe sounds, I recommend you visit his site for more delicious dishes or fitness/workout info.

Alex’s Pronuts (protein donuts)

1alex curtis

Nothing on the internet needs to go viral more than these Maple Glazed Jelly Pronuts (protein donuts). These sticky, sweet, crispy donuts are made with Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes mix and filled with organic mixed berry preserves before being lightly fried in coconut oil and then rolled in a sweet maple syrup glaze and sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar. With over 15 grams of protein, these donuts are worth every bite.

Here’s how you can make your own:

1 cup Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes Mix
6 tsp. organic mixed berry preserves
1 whole egg
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup maple syrup
2 tbsp. coconut oil
1 tsp. powdered sugar
1 tsp. cinnamon
* Makes 6 Pronuts

Prepping Instructions
1) In a large bowl combine the Power Cakes mix with 1 whole egg and 1/4 cup of water and mix until the batter has a cookie dough-like consistency.
2) Mold the mix into patties and make an indent in them with your thumb.
3) Add 1 tsp. of organic berry preserves, jelly, jam or whatever filling you’d like into the indent.
4) Fold the dough over the jelly filling making sure the indents are completely sealed.

Cooking Instructions
1) Heat a large skillet on a medium flame and melt 2 tbsp. of virgin coconut oil.
2) Place each donut on the skillet and fry until both sides and edges of the donut are golden-light brown.
3) Place the donuts on a plate and rub them with maple syrup (dip a spoon in maple syrup and rub it evenly across the donut. Repeat until each donut is fully and evenly glazed).
4) Sprinkle 1 tsp. of powdered sugar and 1 tsp. of cinnamon evenly over each donut.


Want more recipes like this? Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! And if you make these yourself, please…PLEASE tag me in it. I want to see how yours come out!


…Because It’s Funny

This short video makes me laugh.  I’m sure almost every woman who goes to the gym can relate.

I should add that I am not a member of Planet Fitness.  It doesn’t suit my particular style but they captured “one of those moments” perfectly in this commercial.


Occasionally, I go off topic and this is one of those times.  Not to worry, if you’re looking for gym stuff I’ll be back on track next time.  You can skip this post…but don’t skip your workout!


Today I’m thinking about summer…or more accurately the warming of the weather and what that means regarding our public landscape.  Groups like BLM, Occupy, La Raza,, and various other agitation groups have been quiet for a while.  I don’t think it means they’ve gone away.  They’ve just gone to ground temporarily.  They’re waiting, plotting and preparing to wreak havoc over the next months.  

Right now there is a powerful offensive being waged by those who want to tear the United States (and more importantly what she stands for) apart in order to usher in an era of global governance more pleasing to the big banking community, major corporations and the political elites.  It’s not just a phenomenon taking place on a national level.  It goes beyond that.  It’s a planned, orchestrated betrayal of ordinary citizens across huge swaths of the Western world.  

That’s what the soft invasion, Europeans leaders, in a classic and deceitful language twist, call the “migrant” crisis, is all about.  That’s what the “immigrant” problem in the United States is all about.  Both are willful creations of the globalists who have successfully (with the help of a complicit media propaganda machine)  convinced a remarkable number of people on both continents that this tidal wave of humanity moving into traditionally more stable, prosperous lands is just happenstance.  Sometimes they say it’s because of war, or violence, or poverty or climate change but those have been constants in the world since the beginning of recorded history.  Nothing has changed except that the people’s representatives in the Western world have decided to open their doors and force their taxpayers to support not only their indigenous populations who need assistance but also whoever lands on shore or walks across the border, with their labor and treasure.  The purpose is to keep loading them up until, in the end, the burden is so heavy it finally breaks their backs.

Out of an old order that collapsed in upon itself (with diligent work on their part to create the crises that precipitated it), they envision birthing something better out of the dust of their former nations.  

To this end, psychopathic politicians, have turned on their citizens (aided by morally corrupt banksters and corporatists who fly no flag).  They are operating on an entirely different script from most of the rest of us.

Their script, for instance, will see us crippled by trade deals which move power into overarching, supra-national organizations run by unelected bureaucrats so that we can no longer set policy on a strictly national level.  In other words, representatives from outside the U.S. can dictate what goes on inside our borders.

We naively assume politicians advocate for us on the world stage but the current, most powerful, have no interest in protecting our sovereignty or preserving our countries as we know them.

Indeed, they see the existence of individual nations as an impediment to their goal, which they would cheerfully tell you is a world operating on the theme of  “equality for all” which when achieved will be marked by “fairness” and in which there will finally be “justice.”  

They will, however, neglect to mention that these same lofty notions have been the sweet song used by leaders throughout history to generate policy which led to abject misery for the common man and ultimately the deaths of millions upon millions of human beings living under their beloved “superior order.”

In their eyes we are little more than malleable dullards who need to be herded toward the common good.  We cannot be trusted to choose our path properly, so must be made to accept what, they, our betters, know is good for us. 

They see nothing special in their countrymen.

They see all people across the globe as the same.  None are unique, none are special, no cultures or mores or standards of behavior are superior to any others. 

We are, in their estimation, highly interchangeable, worker/consumer units.

Hark back to what Obama said in 2009 when he addressed the United Nations General Assembly

“In an era when our destiny is shared, power is no longer a zero-sum game. No one nation can or should try to dominate another nation. No world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will succeed. No balance of power among nations will hold. The traditional divisions between nations of the South and the North make no sense in an interconnected world…”

The same theme emerged in a 2014 speech he gave in which he stated

“part of peoples’ concern is just the sense that around the world the old order isn’t holding and we’re not quite yet to where we need to be in terms of a new order that’s based on a different set of principles, that’s based on a sense of common humanity, that’s based on economies that work for all people.”   

As a matter of fact, John Kerry revealed more of their shared vision with his remarks at a recent commencement ceremony.  He said,

“The future demands from us something more than a nostalgia for some rose-tinted version of the past that did not really exist in any case,” he said. “You’re about to graduate into a complex and borderless world.”


The past you know did not exist. Please refer to the Central Planning Common Core curriculum to tell you what actually happened…

 But not all the citizens of the West are convinced that a borderless world is ideal.  Some are paying attention, making noise and waking up their neighbors. The pushback is getting stronger which only means the global governance crowd, with their schemes, underhanded dealing and endless money stream must ratchet up the forces to see that their fevered dreams come to fruition.

I’m not one of them, so I can only guess what form that will take.  

I suspect the increased assault on the will (and best interests) of the ordinary citizens will take place on many fronts, in myriad ways. They’re feeling the heat of an alarmed citizenry and understand that this is a dangerous time for them.  They’re used to operating in the dark but bits of their treachery are now illuminated and they fear potential weakening of their positions and in their carefully crafted coalition.  

It’s a good bet that their useful idiot, social justice army will be deployed to cause turmoil in the streets in the coming months.  That will happen all over Europe and certainly in the United States as election season gets into full swing.  Perhaps they’ll get lucky and one of their undocumented immigrants, migrants or refugees will do what they secretly hope for and launch an attack so that they can put more citizen control mechanisms into place.

Certainly, the Pravda press will be in overdrive, busily confusing the public regarding the cause of the incidents and diverting relevant attention to the truth elsewhere (like whipping up outrage about how viciously cruel it is not to let men who want to be women, but aren’t, into the ladies room to relieve themselves).  Big media conglomerates will be spinning tales using local reporters to reinforce the storyline they want you to believe (these would be the same reporters who told you that Michael Brown, the gentle giant, was shot in cold blood by a violently racist policeman while holding his hands in the air in a gesture of meek surrender). Social media developers like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg will twist and obfuscate information as it flows through that huge platform and the banksters will be throwing money around like confetti via underground banking systems (like the one in Panama) to ensure loyalty across the West to their cause. 

Get ready to have to think on your feet, to bring your powers of discernment to bear and to have to wade through an avalanche of information to get to one nugget of truth.  It’s kind of quiet out there now but I don’t think it will be for long.

I’m betting It’s going to be a long, hot summer.

*The great borderless West has many proponents.  I picked the quotes of a couple of them because I found what they said particularly illustrative.  Many others blunt their public statements so they are less obvious but their votes and activities speak volumes.  I could have just as easily pointed to Jeb Bush or Paul Ryan.  I could have named Rupert Murdoch instead of Zuckerberg or expanded my scope outside our country to those like Merkel and Cameron.  The EU headquarters in Brussels is swimming in them.  They are legion…and are not contained to any one political party. 

Beautiful Monday


No!  No!  Surely that’s not representative of any of us.

We LOVE Monday because it signifies a fresh start in our weekly routine.  It’s energizing, exciting and we’re looking forward to a great week’s worth of workouts ahead!

Can I get an “Amen?”

Wishing you BIG ENERGY for all your fitness pursuits this week!

Throwback Thursday

Once upon a time…

rear view

That was my rear view 7 years ago.  See that little guy on the right?  That’s my youngest son walking past.

This is what he looks like now.


He’s 12 years old and not so small anymore.

When he was 3, he used to take a plastic bottle into the bathtub with him.  He’d fill it with water and bubbles and shake it, then offer it to me.  He’d say “here’s your protein powder, Mommy.”

I’ve been a gym rat for his whole life.

As for the older one, he’s now 18 years old. I’ve been a gym rat for his whole life too.

Here he is, with me, at a picnic long ago.  See that bicep?  Get the magnifying glass.  It’s there, I swear.


One of his first words was “Cap.”  Why?  Because my dad liked to take care of him when I went to the gym and he’d always say “Look, Mommy’s putting on her cap.  She’s going to go workout.”  He knew cap = workout = fun with Grandpa.

Now, he’s getting ready to pack up and head off to college in a few months.  We just ordered his linens and a few other things for his dorm room last night.


All grown up…he was dressed for the prom last weekend. I was there taking photos…and yes, I was wearing my favorite, black, workout “cap.” For those of you who know the story…of course, he was wearing his Grandpa’s shoes.

Through every stage of my boys’ lives, I’ve been hitting the weights.  They don’t know what it’s like to have a mom who doesn’t go to the gym (or who doesn’t do pull ups on a bar in the doorway or who doesn’t bang out bicep curls while watching TV).


I wrote this in the sand when I was at the beach in Jamaica a couple of years ago.  It’s the life for me!

It’s hard to believe I’ve been at this so long but I have pictures that tell the tale.    I walked through the gym doors about 25 years ago…and I’m still there having fun!



Celebrate…Any Time You Can

This past weekend was my son’s prom.  He took one of his best friends, who he loves very much, for picture taking and the dinner before the dance.  After dinner, he took her home.  They planned it that way ahead of time. She wasn’t up to going to the main event or the after parties.  She’d just gotten out of the hospital days before.  She spends a lot of time there and neither she, nor anyone else knows if her health will stabilize.  Given what they know, she’s not counting on it.


The two of them have all kinds of plans…perhaps a trip to Italy after graduation if she’s able to handle that kind of travel and maybe a road trip closer to home if she’s not.  They plan for the future without knowing if they’ll actually be able to do the things they’ve set their sights on.

Realistically, none of us knows if we’ll be here to carry out our future plans.  That’s one of the reasons I like to create little celebrations all along the way.  Why wait for an “officially sanctioned” holiday or a long off trip?

Life presents enough worry, trouble and downright misery to go around.  Therefore, I make it my business to try and counteract that with some distraction and levity as we go.  Which explains why Sunday was reserved for a birthday party…for my dogs.


Sliders for the puppies’ celebration!


Mmmm….special birthday dinner. She likes sliders!  BTW, the pups are shedding their winter coats (fur is coming out by the handfuls) so they look a little rough!



Dessert…low sugar ice cream, blueberries and a little gingerbread man.


You have to have ice cream at a birthday party.


Opening his present…


Her head got stuck in the box for a minute but she got her present out!


He got his bone and his Lamb Chop squeeky toy out of the box.

Yes, a dog party is silly but so what?  It involves spending happy time with my family.   The point is that we’re together, having fun.  I laugh when I think about the kids, much later in life, sitting together, thumbing through photo albums saying “You remember when mom was so crazy and made us get special, low sugar ice cream for the dogs and we had to run all over the place to find it?”  It’s one of the little dots of glue that will hold us together even when we’re separated.

You can make a celebration out of anything…the first tulip sighting of spring, the equinox,  your unbirthday (there are 364 of them a year to pick from), a PR for squats, your daughter’s first lost tooth (or her 15th), your last cancer treatment, your ascent of a 14er, finally getting the attic straightened up, going 10 years without a traffic ticket or 6…or 2.  It’s not so much what you’re celebrating, it’s that you’re acknowledging and appreciating a little slice of goodness with the other people in your life.  It provides the balance we all need to stay steady and keep going especially when things aren’t so great.


Italy?  Nevada?  The corner coffee shop?  It doesn’t really matter, they enjoy their time together…

You don’t have to sit passively and wait for what life hands you.  Happy times (at least not as many as you want) might not simply fall into your lap. You already know there are going to be hard, challenging, painful times.  When and where you can, use your creativity to enjoy and celebrate even the smallest of things.  ea65e2236b57d35a80d7240934ea3e3a


Friday Funny


Celebration Of Service (5-04-2016)

Yesterday I got a gift from Cpl. Josue Barron.  He didn’t know he was doing anything to inspire or help me but he did.  I get motivation to keep pushing against my limitations in a lot of places and yesterday, my “grit glass” was filled up by this man.  Thank you Cpl. Barron!

, Marine Corps Times6:44 p.m. EDT May 3, 2016


Some would say the two-minute video captures everything that is best about the Marine Corps — a one-legged vet pushing through immense pain to conquer a colossal hill that memorializes fallen comrades. Beside him, brothers in arms shout words of encouragement and motivation. Within him, the memory of lost Marines provides strength to endure.

The climb was part of a five-year reunion that honored the Marines and families of 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, which completed Afghanistan’s deadliest deployment in 2011.

The “Dark Horse” battalion made great gains, but at great cost, when it deployed in and around the town of Sangin, in Afghanistan’s embattled Helmand province. In seven months, the battalion saw 25 Marines killed in action and another 184 wounded. Nearly three dozen of the wounded returned home as single, double and triple amputees.

Among them is former Cpl. Josue Barron, who lost a leg and his left eye in the conflict, and is shown in the April 30 video.

“When I saw that steep hill, I doubted myself a little bit,” Barron told Marine Corps Times. And with good reason — First Sergeant’s Hill rises far above the regimental headquarters at Camp Pendleton, California, and is a beast for even healthy Marines.

Worse yet, the hill’s grade prevented Barron from performing the swinging motion needed to propel his prosthetic leg, which reaches to his hip. He decided to ditch the leg and press on.

“After a while my body went numb, but I wanted to get up there,” he said. “I have friends up there, and there was no way I was coming back down without reaching them.”

The friends of whom he speaks are names engraved on nearly two dozen wooden crosses. Marines put them up to honor their fallen, and the site has become hallowed ground. It is so special that a team of seven leathernecks rushed to rescue the memorial crosses just before wildfires consumed the hill in May 2014.

“We used to do that climb before we deployed, but the crosses didn’t go up until after that so I had never seen them,” Barron said. “It took me five years, but I made it.”

As Barron stood triumphant with friend and fellow Marine veteran Will Makaafi, who provided the loudest shouts of encouragement, the two were soon joined by four Gold Star families who also made climb.

“It was their way of honoring their boys,” said Mark Soto, who organized the reunion. He is also the father of a sergeant wounded in Sangin who has since been medically retired. Soto had started a Facebook page titled “The Boys of 3/5” as a way to help families share information and encouragement during the difficult deployment.

It was evident the bond and brotherhood fostered by the page would be needed long after the Marines returned home, Soto said, so the page never shut down. This led to the five-year reunion, which included 125 Marines and 350 family members. It even got a salute in a tweet from Commandant Gen. Robert Neller on Monday.

Neller told Marine Corps Times earlier this year that Marine units need to hold more reunions.

“We are trying to facilitate more of that this year,” he said. “We are just going to encourage people to stay connected. That is the best way to help each other because they trust each other.”

That is not lost Barron, who said many vets still face serious challenges. He is especially concerned about the high suicide rate among veterans.

“If someone sees me overcome my challenges, maybe they will think twice about overcoming theirs,” he said.

The reunion included honors from Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego during a graduation parade, a barbecue and other typical events, but Soto said it was the hours spent atop the hill that made the event truly special.

Barron said it was an emotional time as he gave special tribute to his platoon commander, 1st Lt. Robert Kelly, who was killed instantly when he stepped on a landmine during a Sangin patrol in 2010. Though known by most as the son of retired Gen. John Kelly, Barron remembers the mustang officer differently.

“He was a good man, a good platoon commander, and a good Marine,” he said. “So were all of the men whose names are on that hill.”

3-5 Marines

A retro style tribute photo I did for 3/5 a few years ago. Like many other Americans out here I’m deeply appreciative of all their hard work!

Progress (4-29-2016)

The other day I was looking down at the top of my legs when I was rowing and I made the assessment that I was getting too fluffy.  The first place jiggle shows up on my body is my hips (kinda like the saddlebag area).  The rest of me isn’t showing a problem…yet.   I made the decision, right then and there, to increase my cardio in order to de-fluff.  That’s the way I do it.  If I see a potential problem looming, I address it while it’s still easy to head off.  I’m not a perfectionist, I’m a realist.  What I always keep in mind is that it’s far easier to tighten up when you’re dealing with shedding 2-5lbs than it is to wait until you have 20 or more to lose.  A 20lb fat loss seems much more daunting and I don’t want to have to put that much effort into it.  Goodness knows, I want to take the easier fitness path when I can!  I suggest doing the same to anyone who asks how I stay relatively lean all the time, year after year.  Don’t wait until teensy, hardly noticeable unwanted gains turn into big, fat, hard to deal with problems.  There’s no reason to wait and you only make it hard on yourself if you do.


Selfie from yesterday



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